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Watch highlights from the Lock-In

The Lock-In is a high-intensity, "flash conference" experience that will give attendees all of the information of a three-day music conference packed within the span of 12 straight hours.
Unlike most conferences, the Lock-In has limited availability, this ensures that each attendee truly gets what they came for without having to compete for time and attention with hundreds of other guests. 
The Lock-in is for anyone trying to make it in music, but will be especially valuable to artists, songwriters, producers, publishers, managers ("mom-agers" included), independent labels and production companies.
During the 12 hr. Lock-in flash music conference, you will learn such things as:
Music Publishing
  • What is music publishing and how does it really work?
  • What types of deals are there?
  • Should you get a publishing deal, if so, then how?​
  • What does a publishing agreement look like?
Independent Distribution
  • What does it really mean to be independent?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of being independent,
  • What does an independent deal look like compared to a major label agreement?
  • When do you need a manager?
  • What does it take to be a successful manager?
  • What does a good management agreement look like?
  • What are some good and effective marketing strategies?
  • What is Branding and what does it actually entail?
  • How relevant is radio now?
  • How do I get on radio?
  • What are the costs and considerations for radio promotion?
Digital technology
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using digital technology?
  • Breaking down the business of streaming?
Click to see the official agenda.
There will be a 90 minute panel with music industry executives and professionals who will share first-hand knowledge about working and succeeding in music. (see panelists)
Also, attendees will have the opportunity to co-write, record and present music to their peers for feedback and constructive critique.
Lunch, dinner and late night snacks will be provided as well as a packet of resources to help you continue your journey towards success in the music business!
The Lock-In is limited to 16 attendees and will take place at Icon Studios on Sunday, November 24, 2109 from 12pm until 12am November 25, 2019. 
Early registration cost per attendee is $299.00 for FULL conference before November 16th ($349.00 after Nov. 16th). 
Or,  $199.00 before November 16th for the Workshop/Panel ONLY ($299.00 after Nov. 16th).
You may register here (4% credit card fee applies).  Please provide a current email address.
REGISTER NOW for this unique and awesome event!  SPACE IS TRULY LIMITED!